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#020-Tech Barbarians – 5/31/10 – – – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

5-31-10 “Protecting yourself from internet threats!” Check out for show notes! This episode is part of the network and is hosted by: Chris Pope and Mark Eoff

TiS 013, Today in Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Web Start-Ups Offer Bargains for Users’ Data

Healthcare vulnerability to data breach

Missing records on stolen laptop from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Inefficient Security Makes VA Systems Vulnerable

Alleged $100M scareware sellers facing charges

2010 FIFA World Cup – Spammers Raise Their Game

Facebook Clickjack Worm Vectored Attack Reports

Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools

By Jason Fitzpatrick posted on Lifehacker – May 30th 2010

Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite diagnostic tool. Below we’ve rounded up the top five answers, and now we’re back to highlight the most popular computer diagnostic tools among Lifehacker readers.

Hiren’s BootCD is an impressive toolkit rolled into one packed DOS-based LiveCD. Sporting over a hundred separate diagnostic and repair tools, Hiren’s BootCD can help you do everything from diagnose a memory problem to clone a disk to speed test your video card. If you can’t find out what is wrong with your computer after running through all the tools on Hiren’s BootCD the diagnostic answer you may end up at is “Time to buy a new computer.” A note about Hiren’s BootCD: many of the diagnostic tools gathered on the disc are abandonware or older versions of still produced commercial software. The legal status of Hiren’s BootCD is murky so Hiren doesn’t directly host the disc image himself. You’ll need to search Google to find locations like here and here where the disc is hosted.

  • SIW (Windows, Free)

If things haven’t gotten bad enough that you’re forced to take refuge with a LiveCD, SIW is a Windows-based diagnostic tool that can help you get to the bottom of things. SIW is incredibly detailed in its analysis, next to nothing is left uncatalogued from the timings of your memory modules to the DLL files loaded to what applications you have set to autorun at startup. Even if you’re not currently experiencing any computer issues SIW gives you a really interesting peek inside your computer.

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(Editor’s note: Hirens CD IS ILLEGAL.  Period. There is no ‘murky.’)

Rockefeller’s Cybersecurity Act of 2010: A Very Bad Bill

May 4, 2010 – 12:43 pm  Richard Stiennon Bio | Email

Stiennon has been a white hat hacker for PricewaterhouseCoopers, VP Security Research at Gartner, and an executive at Webroot Software and Fortinet, Inc. He is founder and Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest.

There are a bunch of cybersecurity bills trickling through Congress right now; some of them several years in the making. Senator Rockefeller’s Cybersecurity Act of 2010(S.773) is deemed the most likely to get voted on by the Senate as it was just unanimously passed through the Senate Committee that he chairs, Commerce Science and Transportation.

It is time for the security industry to take a close look at this $1.82 billion bill as it contains some pretty drastic measures that are going to be very disruptive, and I believe detrimental.

The preamble, labeled “Findings” sets the stage with the dramatic language we have become familiar with:

As a fundamental principle, cyberspace is a

vital asset for the nation and the United States

should protect it using all instruments of national

power, in order to ensure national security, public

safety, economic prosperity, and the delivery of critical services to the American public.

Even though there is a definitions section, “cyberspace” is never defined in S. 773. And, setting aside the dangling participle, this is a rather broad declaration. All instruments of national power?

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#011 Certification Weekly 5-27-10 by CED Solutions produced by Chris Pope from The Tech Jives Networ

5/27/10 “Security Certifications Overview” Certification Weekly is a weekly podcast that includes valuable information about all of the latest and greatest Certifications that are available in the Technology field! By CED Solutions /

TiS 012 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Supreme Court Rules Pirate Bay Must Stay Blocked

Offshore Oil Rig Accident Lessons Spill into IT

Five indicted in cybertheft of city’s bank accounts

Mac as a means of distributing malware

44 Million Stolen Gaming Credentials Uncovered

TBD 007 Today’s IT Beat Down – Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Time Warner Cable Resists Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit

May 26, 1995: Gates, Microsoft Jump on ‘Internet Tidal Wave’

Editing Photos on the Linux System

Tips for working from home

Apple Facing Music Antitrust Inquiry

TiS 011 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Irish file sharers set to receive first warning letters

Microsoft Researchers Propose Privacy Sensor ‘Widget’

The Deputy Prime Minister has said the government might not be able to prevent Gary McKinnon’s extradition to the US

Firms tackle virus-laden Web sites, ads

Product Watch: New Patents Help Upstart Make A Ruckus In Wireless Security Management

Google offers browser add-on for Analytics opt-out

Facebook reveals ‘simplified’ privacy changes

Final episode of ‘Lost’ used by hackers to spread the MySecurityEngine fake antivirus

#019-Tech Barbarians – 5/25/10 – – – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

5-25-10 “Internet Security and you!” Check out for show notes! This episode is part of the network and is hosted by: Chris Pope and Mark Eoff

TiS 010 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Lots and lots of keys

The smart paranoid’s guide to using Google

Looking for code work? Write fake anti-virus scripts

Two years later, Apple still won’t fix Safari hole

Botnet services for hire: $8.94 an hour

DO NOT install Microsoft patches or updates sent by email (They are fake)

IBM Distributes malware-infested freebies at AusCERT