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Apple iPad Used As Scam Bait

Cybercriminals are sending out malicious e-mail that targets iPad users, a sure sign that the device has been selling well.

By Thomas Claburn –  InformationWeek – April 26, 2010 01:57 PM

Apple’s continuing success as a company is encouraging more cybercriminals to try to exploit the popularity of the company’s products to distribute malware.

The latest such scam involves spam e-mail messages addressed to iPad users. The messages direct recipients — who may or may not be iPad users — to click on a Web link that appears to host an iTunes update and to install the update.

The text isn’t so poorly written as to be farcical. Even so, the use of the passive voice in the first sentence and the awkward wording suggests that the note’s author doesn’t work as a marketing professional at Apple or anywhere else.

“There were released updates for software installed on your iPad device,” the message begins. “It is very important to keep the software on your iPad updated for best performance, newer features and security.”

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