TB-#015 – Tech Barbarians – 4/24/10 – TechBarbarians.com – TechJives.net – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

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The ROI of social media

Juan Santana – Panda Security
There is significant discussion on the Net about the value of companies deploying marketing and communications strategies through social media, and the consequent ROI. There are many interesting posts and discussions about how to measure the effectiveness of company staff dedicating part of their time to social networks. If I’m honest, I couldn’t claim to know at present what the ROI is, at least in strictly economic terms.

In the context of human relations developed through online social communities and networks, there is a valuable reflection by Gaby Castellanos (in Spanish), who argues that ROI is not a suitable metric for evaluating feelings, fans or emotions. Nor how the brand loyalty created through day-to-day work can, over time, result in more sales. Does getting a new ‘follower’ always lead to a new sale? I doubt it, and at Panda Security we don’t analyze it in that way.

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