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10 MORE outstanding Firefox extensions

  • Date: April 22nd, 2010
  • Author: Jack Wallen

  • It’s been a while since we last took a look at worthwhile Firefox extensions. Well, it’s time again. But now, Firefox has added collections to the mix. Extension collections are exactly what they sound like — collections of related extensions. In this list, we have a few worthwhile collections (since they’re new, there aren’t many) as well as some stand-alone extensions.

    1: Reference Desk
    Reference Desk is good for students or anyone who needs to research information. It installs: DeeperWeb (navigate through Google search results using tag-cloud technique), SimilarWeb (find related sites), Converter (unit, time zone, and currency converter), Merriam-Webster (dictionary), Wired-Marker (highlighter), ScrapBook (save and organize sites), Reframe It (connect and share your thoughts online), and Read It Later (save sites for later reading).

    2: Web Developers Toolbox
    Web Developers Toolbox will help speed up your development process with extensions for troubleshooting, editing, and debugging Web projects. This collection includes Test Pilot (test Firefox features), Pixlr Grabber (Screen grabs), iMacros for Firefox (macro recorder/player), Stylish (install themes for just about any site that is theme-able), Colorzilla (advanced eyedropper), ShowIP (show the IP address of the current page), Greasemonkey (customize the way a Web page displays), FireFTP (cross-platform FTP client), Web Developer (menu and toolbar with Web developer tools), Firebug (edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript), and FoxyProxy Standard (proxy management tool).

    To read the full list, and access the downloadable PDF, visit TechRepublic.com