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New Mac OS X malware variant spotted

Posted by Dancho Danchev @ 11:40 am – April 16th, 2010

Intego is reporting on a newly discovered variant of a Mac OS X malware first detected in 2004.

According to the company, the source code of the OSX/HellRTS.D is already being distributed across multiple forums, which could potentially allow malicious attackers to create new variants of it.

More details on the malware:

  • It sets up its own server and configures a server port and password
  • It duplicates itself, using the names of different applications, adding the new version to a user’s login items, to ensure that it starts up at login. (These different names can make it hard to detect, not only in login items, but also in Activity Monitor.)
  • It can send e-mail with its own mail server, contact a remote server, and provide direct access to an infected Mac
  • It can also perform a number of operations such as providing remote screen-sharing access, shutting down or restarting a Mac, accessing an infected Mac’s clipboard, and much more

Read the full article at ZDnet.com