Emerging P2P Trojan Botnet Uncovered

7:52 pm (UTC-7)   |   by Oscar Abendan (Technical Communications)

News of a new botnet has been circulating recently in the threat landscape. According to reports, several systems have been infected by TROJ_DLOADE.ATJ, which has been built to download and install other malware. The Trojan does not, however, seem to have any distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) capability.

This Trojan may be downloaded when users visit sites under the domain {BLOCKED}m.com or {BLOCKED}n.net. It may also download other malware from the said domain. Once installed, it attempts to connect to the command-and-control (C&C) server using TCP port 8090 to register itself and to wait for commands. It also has the capability to communicate with other bots via some kind of peer-to-peer (P2P) connection over ports 7000–7010. It also connects to specific malicious sites, which are currently inaccessible.

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Google Apps updates: Enough to compete with Office 2010?

Posted by Christopher Dawson @ 10:53 pm April 15th, 2010

As with most things in tech, that depends. As Sam Diaz pointed out in his coverage of the updates from the Atmosphere event Monday, “Google has been aggressively targeting its cloud-based Google Apps at the enterprise, hosting events like these to spread the word on the strength of the suite.” So has Google made its case?

In many ways, the polish and enhancements represented by these updates are just enough to provide the average user with everything they need: more reasonable control of layout, improved formula handling, better previews, and improved fidelity. The very fact that Docs (when enabled as shown in the image below) has a ruler with tab stops, margins, and indents will adequately Microsoft-ize the interface for a lot of users.

Of course, Microsofties take a fairly tongue-in-cheek approach to these new features. Andrew Kisslo, a Sr. Product Manager with the Office group,blogged about the new features on Wednesday, noting, “Rumor is the WordPad Team is very nervous about that leap in productivity gain. (Yes that’s a joke.)” Is it a bad sign that he even quoted me?

…I think last week’s post by Chris Dawson on the Googling Google ZDNet blog says it all, “Office 2010 rocks out loud. I may spend a lot of time in the cloud, but I also often have to produce publication-ready documents. Besides, have you ever tried to do a mail merge in Google Docs? Of course you haven’t, because you can’t.”

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Bing rolls out real-time Twitter feed

April 14, 2010 8:39 AM PDT – by Lance Whitney

Bing is tapping further into Twitter to deliver the latest tweets on timely topics.

Microsoft’s search engine is in the midst of adopting a new feature called Social Search, which will include tweets that are just minutes or even seconds old in regular search results. The goal is to provide more relevant tweets that appear in real time so that people can follow the latest trends and thoughts on subjects of interest, Microsoft’s Bing blog announced Tuesday.

Microsoft initially struck a deal with Twitter last fall to include tweets in Bing search results–though on a separate beta page.

Bing will now see which topics are generating the most buzz on Twitter and add the up-to-the-minute tweets in general search results. The results could include breaking tweets about a natural disaster that just occurred or a product that recently hit the market. You’ll also be able to see the most popular site links that people are currently sharing on Twitter.

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