Is Facebook’s Revamped Safety Center Good Enough?


Facebook has announced an overhaul of its online safety measures that include the redesign of its abuse reporting system. But British users are concerned the new features still don’t go far enough.

Facebook’s “Safety Center” features new tools for parents, teachers, teens and law enforcement; it’s the first major endeavor from the social networking site and its four-month-old global safety advisory board.

Some new features of the safety center include four times more content on staying safe, such as dealing with bullying online, an interactive portal and a simpler design. But the company has not announced the installation of a panic button on every page as British officials had urged it to do.

CEOP’s Jim Gamble said the Web site did not agree to his demands at the meeting. But he felt Facebook was moving in the right direction.

“I am more optimistic than when I came. They are not saying, ‘No,’ that is very clear. But they were equally direct and they came with their own agenda. There is no doubt they are looking to improve their position around child safety and we recognize that. What I am looking for is turning words into action.”

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