Speed test: Netbook versus Apple iPad

by Dan Ackerman – April 9, 2010 1:54 PM PDT

Apple’s new iPad has legions of eager fans who attribute chameleonlike qualities to it, promoting the tablet as an ideal media playere-book reader,gaming console, and even a Netbook replacement for basic computing chores.

Most often cited is the iPad’s speed, and it indeed feels very quick and responsive, and generally comes off as a powerful tool compared with a standard Netbook, which can feel sluggish even when performing the most basic tasks.

Yet under the hood, it’s obvious that a typical $299 Netbook has much more powerful hardware. It’s Atom N450 CPU runs at 1.66GHz, it has 1GB of RAM (nearly four times as much as an iPad), and even Windows 7 Starter Edition is a much more capable operating system than the iPhone OS.

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