Pixar, Dream Job: The Creative Geniuses Reveal What It’s Like To Work At The Studio

By Steven James Snyder on April 2, 2010

Would you accept a job at Pixar?

Um, yeah, so would I. (Don’t tell Peter)

The studio behind everything from Up to Wall-E, from Toy Story to Toy Story 2, strikes me as a hotbed of ingenuity. A shop where creativity rules. A place where the impossible becomes possible. Just listening to someone like director Pete Docter talk about all the creative influences that have brought him this far makes me want to sign for an unpaid Pixar internship:

Time after time, the studio has surpassed the expectations of their harshest critics. There were those who thought a CG movie wouldn’t work, and then came Toy Story. With Ratatouille, they sold America on falling in love with a dirty little rat. In Wall-E, they took a hero who couldn’t speak, occupying a planet without life, and delivered one of the best films of the year.

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