What’s Google planning for Chrome 5?

by Stephen Shankland – April 1, 2010 5:09 AM PDT

After a year and a half, Chrome has come a long way toward matching the features of better-established browsers. Now, with version 5 coming together, a lot of Google’s work focuses on advancing the state of the browser art.

The new Chrome 5 is available in beta now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, not that most Chrome users will ever have to know the version number if Google has anything to do with it. Chrome versions are called “milestones”–fleeting waypoints along an unfinished journey to a better browser. But what exactly will moving into the rear-view mirror once Chrome 5 is finished?

In short, a lot. Chrome fans may be dissatisfied with the speed with which their favorite features are arriving–print preview, for example, still seems distant, and Mac OS X and Linux users still have only a beta version of the browser to work with–but Google’s pace of Chrome development is fast. Here are some highlights of what’s coming in Chrome 5.

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