Sharing vs. your privacy on Facebook

By Doug Gross, CNN – April 1, 2010 12:56 p.m. EDT

(CNN) — Facebook is, by its nature, a social experience.

But as the undisputed king of social networking expands ways for its users to interact, it’s raising more questions about how much of their information is made available to people they don’t know.

In some cases, users may not even realize it’s happening.

One example is the hundreds of thousands of developers approved by Facebook to create games, quizzes and other applications. Some of those developers are able to access basic information about users after a Facebook friend has started using their application.

Facebook provides pages of instructions on how people can tighten up their privacy settings to hide their personal information from other users and outside applications.

But some observers say that too many of the site’s estimated 400 million users don’t know how to do so.

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Microsoft request for patent suit review is nixed

By JESSICA MINTZ, AP Technology Writer – Thu Apr 1, 8:54 pm ET

SEATTLE – A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Microsoft Corp.’s request to review a $290 million patent ruling involving the software maker’s popular word processing program.

Microsoft had asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for a review by its full roster of judges. In December, a three-judge panel from that court had upheld a lower court ruling that Microsoft infringed on patents held by i4i Inc., a Canadian software company.

Toronto-based i4i sued Microsoft in U.S. District Court in Tyler, Texas, in 2007, saying it owned the technology behind a tool used in Microsoft Word. The technology in question gives Word users an improved way to edit XML, which is computer code that tells the program how to interpret and display a document’s contents.

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IT Leaders, It’s Time to Give It Up

By Susan Cramm

If you want to know what keeps IT leaders up at night, check out this oh-so-depressing article. Entitled “Why The New Normal Could Kill IT,” is a well-written summary of the challenges and risks that IT faces as it tries to navigate the new economic order with complex and difficult-to-change technology, poor technology adoption, and the reality that consumer technology is outpacing enterprise technology.

The core thesis of the article is that IT’s survival depends on its ability to help the rest of the business apply new, disruptive technologies cheaper and faster than ever before. These mandates aren’t new, but time is running out: “There’s a hoard of tech trouble at the gates, and users today have as much patience as those stranded in long lines at the DMV.”

Business users want, and need, more direct control over the technology that fuels their business. Ensuring that business users exercise increased control in a responsible manner requires that they become smarter about how to invest, manage, and deliver IT-enabled change and innovation.

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What’s Google planning for Chrome 5?

by Stephen Shankland – April 1, 2010 5:09 AM PDT

After a year and a half, Chrome has come a long way toward matching the features of better-established browsers. Now, with version 5 coming together, a lot of Google’s work focuses on advancing the state of the browser art.

The new Chrome 5 is available in beta now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, not that most Chrome users will ever have to know the version number if Google has anything to do with it. Chrome versions are called “milestones”–fleeting waypoints along an unfinished journey to a better browser. But what exactly will moving into the rear-view mirror once Chrome 5 is finished?

In short, a lot. Chrome fans may be dissatisfied with the speed with which their favorite features are arriving–print preview, for example, still seems distant, and Mac OS X and Linux users still have only a beta version of the browser to work with–but Google’s pace of Chrome development is fast. Here are some highlights of what’s coming in Chrome 5.


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