Articles from April 2010

#007 Certification Weekly 4-29-10 by CED Solutions produced by Chris Pope from The Tech Jives Network

CW-4/29/10 “You down with php? Yeah yoh know Mia!” Certification Weekly is a weekly podcast that includes valuable information about all of the latest and greatest Certifications that are available in the Technology field! By CED Solutions / – 04-29-10 Windows Fast IT Tips with Chris Pope –

04-29-10 “Imaging your Windows 7 OS” Produced by / Chris Pope

AiR-#017 – Apptastic iGame Review – 4/28/10 with, Produced by: Chris Pope

AiR-4/28/10 Reviews: Belly Bums, ToodleDo, Bud Light Real American Heroes, Tip Top The Last March, Stroke Balls, Random Apps:RunPee and C25K Followup with AppTasticJ! Angry Birds Updated!  Version 1.3.0 Now Available!

TB-#015 – Tech Barbarians – 4/24/10 – – – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

TB-4-24-10 “Jeff Sparkman from CNET guest hosting” Check out for show notes! This episode is part of the network and is hosted by: Chris Pope and Mark Eoff

TBD-#000 – 4/24/10 – Todays IT BeatDown – – – Chris Pope

TBD-4/24/10 – Come get your daily doze of IT news and other info from this daily podcast! Featuring The Tech Jives news guy and Today in Security host Niko Depofi! This podcast is produced by – Chris Pope

CVST-#000 – 4/24/10 – Cisco Voice and Security Tips – with John Friedrich( /

CVST-4/25/10 – Join Cisco Certified expert John Friedrich as he gives out weekly tips involving Cisco Voice and Security related concepts! Visit for the show notes! This podcast is produced by – Chris Pope

TTBM-#004 Technology Tips by Mia 4/22/10 – CED Solutions – produced by Chris Pope

TTBM-4/22/10 “Keeping bandwidth convergence consistent” Join Mia Holtzman, technology genius as she shares her knowledge and advice with the world for the first time! Check this out weekly on, by CED Solutions and produced by / Chris Pope

TiS-000-Today In Security Promo –

“Promo for our new podcast Today in Security! Featuring our very own Tech News guy, Niko Depofi!

L2SIT-#012 – Learn to speak IT – 4/23/10 – By Chris Pope, See

L2SIT-#012 – “Windows Recovery” Learn to speak IT – 4/23/10 – By Chris Pope. 04-23-10 Windows Fast IT Tips with Chris Pope –

04-23-10 “Give the UAC another chance!” Produced By: Chris Pope