Top 5 Ways CRM Decision Makers Go Astray

By Christopher J. Bucholtz

CRM Buyer

03/25/10 5:00 AM PT

An astonishingly large percentage of companies build the CRM selection team around the people least likely to use the system on a daily basis — the IT director, the CMO, the CIO, and perhaps the vice president or director of sales. While the input of these players is critical, it’s also vital to have input from the rank-and-file sales, marketing and service staff.

Tolstoy wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” CRM failures are very similar — the ones that work do so for the same reasons, but those that go awry manifest a collection of diverse symptoms, so that the term “CRM failure” is but a catch-all.

CRM fails for a lot of reasons — all of them avoidable, and many of them traceable to the original decision-making process. The technology lets the users down on occasion, but the vast majority of problems come not from the technology but from the human decisions that resulted in the wrong product, process or people being employed.

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