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03/28/10 Gadgets: Nintendo DSi XL – Does size matter?  Moms: Asprin therapy not effective for miscarriage prevention  Musing: Are social networking sites destroying marriages? Frankie Speaks is a daily 10 mins+ look into the quirky goings on with Frankie’s(Bonnie Frankum) daily routine in which she plans to keep you entertained with some humor, some techie gadget reviews, and much more. This being a general topic show, she has alot of other fun things planned to go along with all that! This podcast is part of the TechJives.net network and is produced by Chris Pope

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03-28-10 Tips on open source apps that will make your life way easier in the Windows Client / Server World. This podcast is produced by The Tech Jives Network, http://TechJives.net Chris Pope

A virtual farm turns new ground for game developers

John Gaudiosi SAN FRANCISCO Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:00pm EDT

(Reuters) – A virtual farm attracting up to 83 million aspiring farmers monthly has video game developers scrambling to find ways to plough the booming popularity of games on social networks.

Sites like Facebook, which has an estimated 400 million users, and MySpace, with about 100 million users, are driving a social gaming craze that was in the spotlight at this month’s 2010 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Heiko Hubertz, CEO of browser-based games portal Bigpoint.com which is home to over 100 million gamers, said online game experiences were very solitary in the past.

“Now through social network gaming and browser-based games portals, gamers of all types can share their experiences and compete against each other in original experiences like ‘Poisonville,’ as well as licensed content like the upcoming ‘Battlestar Galactica Online,'” said Hubertz.

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#011 – Learn to speak IT – 3/28/10 – By Chris Pope, See L2SpeakIT.com

#011 – Learn to speak IT – 3/28/10 – By Chris Pope. What is DHCP, DNS, NAT and what does it have to do with connecting to the internet? Answered Here! 🙂

Defeating the Dark Side of Social Networking

Companies can’t rein in the conversations happening on social networks and blogs, but they can respond to their most vocal customers

By Joseph Hughes and Chris Boudreaux

For all of its blessings, social media Web sites are vexing lots of companies. The instantaneous sharing of information and opinions about products on Twitter, blogs, and other sites is compelling companies to try to influence these conversations through technology and new ways of thinking.

Businesses don’t really need to worry any longer about losing control of what consumers are saying about them on the Web; that control is pretty much gone. Many companies are being victimized by social media rather than capitalizing on it because they’re too slow and ill-equipped to react to negative comments that can damage their brands. For example, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) in 2008 had to apologize for an online ad for its painkiller Motrin after a backlash of comments from mothers in the blogosphere who objected to the advertisement’s tone.

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