New software lets businesses track employee Facebook, Twitter activity

Social Sentry, debuted at DEMO, detects confidential information in public posts

By Jon Brodkin, Network World, March 24, 2010 09:17 AM ET

Facebook and Twitter users should probably just assume that what they post publicly is being monitored by their employer.
If your privacy settings don’t limit content to friends only, anyone can search Google or the social networking sites themselves to see what you’re writing. Granted, that can be a tedious process that an employer may not want to bother with – but now it’s becoming easier for businesses to monitor social networking activity.

At DEMO, a company called Teneros demonstrated a new software-as-a-service product called Social Sentry that automates the process of examining employee activity on social networking sites.

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The point isn’t necessarily to see how much time employees are spending on Facebook and Twitter while they’re supposed to be working. Rather, the software monitors all public social networking activity in case employees reveal confidential information or make statements that could be damaging to the company’s brand.

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