Security Issues of Online Gaming

By Greg Byrne

This article looks at several of the issues regarding security aspects of online based games and virtual worlds.


As online gaming becomes a billion dollar industry and game companies are making revenue from subscription charges, new problems emerge which need to be taken very seriously. Online games containing graphical glitches, sound defects and poor performance will not be very popular. However, an online game with security flaws and mass-cheating will simply fail.

Several security issues related to online gaming are shared with other network applications, however online gaming has a unique set of problems that need to be dealt with. The aim of creating a secure game is not only to ensure customers credit card numbers are protected, but to ensure that all players receive a fair and entertaining experience. Otherwise, they won’t play.

This rest of this article looks at some of the security related issues in online gaming. Note that not all of the issues will apply to all types of games.

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(Image from World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment, captured by Niko at 7:50am Mar 24, 2010)

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