AOL Adopts Google’s “Interminable” Hiring Process

by Nicholas Carlson

AOL — its management ranks increasingly stuffed with former Google executives — is now hiring people the way Google (GOOG) does, a couple sources close to the company tells us.

Specific changes:

  • “Cultural Ambassadors” will interview candidates to make sure they are a fit for the new AOL culture
  • Besides interviewing with these ambassadors, candidates will now be required to go through several more interviews cover topics from cultural fit, to project management skills, to job-specific skills.
  • Scores from these interviews will be be aggregated into an overall candidate scorecard, to be reviewed by the hiring manager and then an exec above that.
  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong will sit on a committee that rubber-stamps each batch of hires.
  • All hires must go through human resources recruiters, now.

An AOL (AOL) rep refused to comment on this news, telling us: “We don’t comment on internal policies like hiring practices.”

Full article available at Silicon Alley Insider

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