Inventors Design Less-Lethal ‘Taser Me Elmo’ Rifle

Lund Technologies dreams up prototypes for just about everything, from hydrogen-powered toy rockets and light-up footballs to the top-selling Honey My Baby Pony and T.M.X. Tickle Me Elmo dolls. But with a little financing from the Pentagon, the company has also devised a new type of less-lethal rifle.
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The Search: How to Turn Downtime Into Job Offers

IF there is one thing that most unemployed job seekers have in abundance, it is time. And yet many of them misuse it.

This is understandable. Someone who has just lost a job may be accustomed to a workplace with its schedules and deadlines, and its expectant bosses and co-workers. If you fail to finish an important assignment, you’ll hear about it.

Compare that with post-layoff life. You can assign yourself tasks, but no one will come after you if you don’t finish them. When you get up in the morning, it can seem as if a long clean carpet of time is ahead of you, but then you may decide to go to the gym, have a leisurely lunch, take a nap, check out “Dr. Phil” on TV followed by “Judge Judy,” and then you’re ready to make dinner.

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Keeping It All in Writing

Jana Skewes  Chief executive, Shared Health, Chattanooga, Tenn.When Jana Skewes had cancer, she kept her own medical records. Then she helped start a company that would do such record-keeping for millions of people.

“We collect and integrate records that are dispersed across doctors’ offices, pharmacies, insurers, hospitals and testing centers to create a single comprehensive record for each patient. Our biggest commitment is to make sure that patient information is always private and secure.”

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Opera Designing a Safari Replacement for iPhone OS

Opera has always had a tough time taking on the big guys in the desktop browser market, but anyone who has given Opera Mini a try on their smart phone platform of choice would probably be pleasantly surprised. Rather than simply spitting out web pages just like everyone else, the “Mini” version of the browser will actually relay messages through the company’s compression servers, vastly reducing both load time and data usage on the device. This feature makes it one of the fastest mobile browsers available for any of the open smart phone platforms, which up until now, included just about everything short of the iPhone.

Well according to Opera’s Jon von Tetzschner the company is not just working on an iPhone version of its browser, but that it doesn’t anticipate Apple having any problem with it either. “Our expectation is that Apple will allow it,” von Tetzschner said. “Why will they block ours?” My response to this would be simply, why wouldn’t they block it? Apple has a pretty strict policy when it comes to app’s that duplicate native phone functionality, but I suppose only time will tell.

Maybe Apple wants to get ahead of the anti-trust wrecking ball then inevitably hunts down anyone who tries to shoehorn web browsers into monopolistic markets, but I wouldn’t count on it. Expect to see a release notice, or angry blog posting from Opera within the next few weeks.

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