Bonnie Frankum a.k.a “Frankie” is getting her own show with Tech Jives!

We here at Tech Jives would like to announce our newest host and Jivecast(podcast) “Frankie Speaks” featuring none other than wife, mother, closet geek, Web personality, and not to mention an actual female woman-type person … Bonnie “Frankie” Frankum!

Frankie has already been featured on Tech Barbarians, and she also has a full segment with us on Apptastic iGame Review doing a weekly app review with a feminine point-of-view!

‘Frankie Speaks’ will be an almost daily 10+ minute look into the quirky goings on with Frankie’s daily routine in which she plans to keep you entertained with some sophisticated humor, some techie gadget reviews, and much more.  This being a general topic show, she has a lot of other fun things planned to go along with all that!

Stay tuned for some more information on her podcast and website as soon as it goes live!

For now, you can follow her on Twitter at:

Please be sure to give her a warm welcome as she is really excited and is new to the Tech Jives community!

Warm Regards,

Chris Pope

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