#003 – Tech Barbarians – 2/1/10 www.TechJives.net

“Splitting Adams Everyday” Episode

The Tech Barbarians Podcast/Webcast is hosted by Chris Pope and Mark Eoff as something fun that we all hope to get alot of the IT community involved in! Heres a basic layout of our show segments: -IT News so hot it’ll make you wanna wear a chastity belt! (Yeah I did just say that!) -Discussions on the latest and greatest money making IT jobs -Certifications? Whats everyone wanting these days? Let us give you the scoop! -Q&A session with Chris and Mark, submit questions via email and MP3 recordings, we’ll answer on the show! -The WHY (Whoa? Huh? Yasure?) Section – We have a totally credible expert answer questions on “Why did the programmers make it do such and such?!?!” -Geek Talk – Small discussion involving the latest geeky Movie/Game/Whatever out on the market! -And finally, Iphone Apps with Justin! Let him give you his weekly recommendation on the latest and greatest iPhone/iPod iTouch apps on the market

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