#004 – Apptastic iGame Review – 1/28/10 www.ApptasticReviewers.com

Reviews Jungle Crash Land – Free Battle of Puppets – $1.99 Traffic Ninja – Falling Balls – Free Zombie City Pro – Free Extras | Kid Picks | Chick Picks | *Deals *Classics – Free *Alphabetic – Free (Lite Version is Available too) Hello Kitty – Free Fortune Ball – $.99 Fish Food Frenzy Words with Friends – Free Version and $2.99 Version Random App Boomerang AR – Free Blower – Real Air – $.99 Non-Game Apps Pandora – Free

Tech Jives News:

Welcome to the Tech Barbarians home on the web! We our very excited to finally start getting things moving with our website along with everything else we have in the mix!

The Tech Barbarians Podcast/Webcast is hosted by Chris Pope and Mark Eoff as something fun that we all hope to get alot of the IT community involved in!

We plan to record the show live on Saturdays around 9pm (Eastern Time) and the show will run for around an hour to and hour and a half depending on our EPIC techie discussions! >:)

Please be advised that we both have families and would like to make it clear that the show time could at any time be changed to a different day. Keep an eye on the show twitter page to watch for exact time and day schedule. http://twitter.com/techbarbarians

Heres a basic layout of our show segments:

  • IT News so hot it’ll make you wanna wear a chastity belt!(Yeah I did just say that!)
  • Discussions on the latest and greatest money making IT jobs
  • Certifications? Whats everyone wanting these days? Let us give you the scoop!
  • Q&A session with Chris and Mark, submit questions via email and MP3 recordings, we’ll answer on the show!
  • The WHY(Whoa? Huh? Yasure?) Section – We have a totally credible expert answer questions on “Why did the programmers make it do such and such?!?!”
  • Geek Talk – Small discussion involving the latest geeky Movie/Game/Whatever out on the market!
  • And finally, Iphone Apps with Justin! Let him give you his weekly recommendation on the latest and greatest Iphone/Ipod Touch apps on the market.

#006 – Learn to speak IT – 1/28/10 – By Chris Pope, See L2SpeakIT.com for episode notes, This show is part of the TechniChris.net network and involves Instruction on Hardware, Software, Networking and Security

#006 – Learn to speak IT – 1/28/10 – By Chris PopeThis show is part of the TechJives.net network and involves Instruction on Hardware, Software, Networking and Security.